Behind Move Expert, is the will of an entire team to create a company that, while maintaining proximity, reactivity and market knowledge, wishes to offer the best expertise on the market. Move Expert is a French company created in 2012 by Sebastien Schmitt who has more than 20 years of expertise in the sector of road transport.


Move Expert's group is composed of:
- Move Expert: France, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and Italy.
- Return Tax.
- Eurotax.
- FastVAT s.r.o: co-owned by Move Expert and Vatecure.
Contact us: distacco@move-expert.com


Our services of representation in Europe is available for France, Italy, Austria and Germany. It's still pending for other countries.

Our other services include:
→ Responsive Ferry booking service: 7/7days
→ VAT and excise duty recovery.
→ Toll solutions covering Europe.

Our goal is to search for innovative and competitive services that help carriers increase their productivity and reduce costs.

More than 4000 hauliers already trust us, why not you?
For more details on our company or our services, please visit: www.move-expert.com